NINE Banking Solutions
NINE Banking Solutions

Banking Solutions - Build stronger connections, trust and transparency

For all banking and financial related industries, our state-of-the-art banking solutions would be a great solution to strengthen the banks for next wave of digital banking. We are flexible in provide on-premise and cloud-based solutions to cater for flexible financial commitments. All these solutions are very mature and has been deployed in many advanced countries, whilst comply with strict adherence to the banking AMLA and regulation requirements.

NINE AI Driven Banking Solutions
NINE AI Driven Banking Solutions

We offer AI Driven Solutions

- AI Driven Digital Core Banking

Building blocks for full banking ecosystem using AI Driven Core Banking.

- Banking Mobile App Development

It provides convenient and secure access to all common financial features, including remote sign up, account and card management, transfers and bill payments, along with online support chat. New customers can start banking without visiting the office by simply taking a selfie and a photo of their ID/passport for verification.

- SOFTPOS Merchant Mobile Application

nSOFTPOS is a software for mobile POS solution in compliance with global payment scheme specifications that uses NFC to turn compatible Android/iOS devices into a POS terminal. It can accept EMV contactless cards without using any other hardware components connected to the device.

- Unified ESB Middleware Platform

nGATEWAY, multi-channel middleware that enables financial institution to move away from silo transactional banking solutions to a centralized infrastructure. Embedded with various adapters that enables ease of integration.

- Payment Gateway Solutions

nPAYMENT, the only in-house payment gateway you need to streamline your payment stack, unlock your platform's growth, and create a seamless customer experience.

- Onboarding and e-KYC Solutions

nREGISTER, Customer Onboarding Mobile Application with e-KYC is the process of enrolling a new customer when they open an account with any financial institution. It involves key security steps as part of an onboarding checklist that protects the digital banking experience and helps prevent fraud.

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

nSUITE, aims to help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction. Discontinue manual management of sales activities and follow-ups using emails and spreadsheets. It is easy to adopt with some basic training and customizable to meet your unique workflows.

- AI Chatbot and Helpdesk

nCHAT, everything you need to close the deal & deliver a great customer experience - in one place.

- AirGap (Ransomware)

The AirGap offline protection solution is the last line of data protection. It is used when all recovery methods become powerless and cannot be recovered. An offline Isolation technology architecture is required to ensure that it can be restored cleanly data in any worst-case.

- Unified Camera Storage Backup Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to video technology. Every operation is different, with needs constantly evolving. That’s why nMILES’s flexible open platform architecture makes it such a future-proof investment. You can adapt and scale your video solutions as well as update them with the latest analytics and AI technologies.

- Data Storage and Cloud Backup

Data Storage and Cloud backup securely backs up all your data and keeps it safe, ensuring easy restores and business continuity in our state-of-the-art nineCloud, with flexible pay-as-you-go business model.

- 3CX IP Telephony (UCaaS)

We accelerate your businesses growth with Voice, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and Video Conferencing.

- Smart Contact Center

Omnichannel and scalable with unlimited customization smart contact center, on-prem or on-cloud.

- Consumables and Hardware Supplies

Servers, Networking Products, Printing and Labelling Material, Thermal Receipt Paper, POS System, QR POS, Fingerprint Reader, Wireless 2D Scanner, Portable and Desktop Printer and more.