nineCloud - Increased flexibility with in-country cloud services

nineCloud a model of enterprise data storage is “in-country”, a data storage solution to various industries such as banking, telco, enterprise and many more. Apart from giving you some control over the geographical factors, with nineCloud services, companies can procure services on-demand, on-need basis. If and when there’s no longer a need for a particular application or platform, the business can simply cancel the subscription or shut down the service. Your organization can also subscribe on “Pay Per Use” basis. If you use more. you pay more; you use less, you pay lesser.

With solution of such technology advancement, flexibility, and manageable financial commitment, it is absolutely cost effective and to your advantage to subscribe with us.

Your key benefits:

· In-Country Cloud (Data Sovereignty)

· Multiple Data Centre Sites (Zero Capex)

· Pay-Per-Use (No Data Egress Charges)

NINE Cloud Services
NINE Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services

- Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) enhances data protection, mitigates information risk and ensure access to critical information with a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid backup as a service and cloud data protection solutions.

- Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a way for organizations to manage storage capacity and workloads without the high upfront CAPEX costs for storage hardware and software. We provide storage with “Pay-As-You-Use” concept where you only pay for what you use. Very cost-effective method for managing IT CAPEX.

- Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud service model offered by nineCloud which provides failover in the event of a natural catastrophe, power outage or other type of business disruption. This is critical for regulation and compliance requirements where it needs to be in-country cloud service platform.

- VM Computing Cloud Solutions

A VM Computing cloud refers to running a virtual machine of which is the digital version of a physical computer that can run in a cloud. Like a physical machine, it can run an operating system, store data, connect to networks, and do all the other computing functions.

- Multilocation Backup

Backup was often done at solely one Data Center location, which was usually on-premises. This approach risk losing their critical business data, if a disaster hits their on-premise business operations. nineCloud provides solution for multi-site or multi-location storage for managing disaster risk on a single location – whether it is in-country or out-country.

- Co-Location Data Center

Co-location, also known as colo, is the provision of turn-key data center space to multiple enterprises, within the same data halls, for the purposes of hosting IT infrastructure, including servers.

- Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the continuous discovery, analysis, remediation and monitoring of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors that make up an organization’s attack surface.

- AirGap (Ransomware Protection)

Ransomware has made news around the world crippling the largest companies and banks. Multiple redundancies or storage copies in multi locations are non-recoverable upon attacked. Why? Because the ransomware virus is also backup to these other locations.

Our AirGap offline protection solution is the last line of data protection. It has technologies which prevents un-identified signatures to be backup to airgap environment. It is used when all recovery methods become powerless and cannot be recovered. An offline Isolation technology architecture is required to ensure that it can be restored cleanly data in any worst-case.

- Managed Cloud Service

nineCloud solutions, tailored to our customer’s business model and backed by excellent operational quality and cost-effective pricing, help your organization and people make the most out of the cloud.

- Kubenetes-as-a-Service (coming soon)

Kubenetes-as-a-Service makes it possible to operate Kubernetes, the world's most popular container orchestrator, as a managed service and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing options.

- NVIDIA GPU-as-a-Service (coming soon)

NVIDIA GPU-powered solutions are available globally through all nineCloud service. Access the benefits of the cloud, right-sized GPU resources, and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing options.